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Unmentioned changes in Windows 10 Builds 14926 and 14931

As usual, the official announcement lacks some things. Let’s get right into it.

Storage usage

In Build 14926, the Storage usage page in the Settings app got a small update. It now shows icons for each file type.


Windows Anywhere

In Build 14926, the Accounts section of the Settings app gained an option called Windows Anywhere. Upon clicking on it, users were presented with a page very similar to the Sync your settings page.

In Build 14931 the option was removed from Settings.

System Information

Another small change can be found in the System Information. As of Build 14931, it now shows ‘VERSION’ in the About dialog of the application, which appears to be a placeholder.


A new Group Policy

As we already posted, Build 14931 now includes a new Windows Update related Group Policy. For more information follow this link.

Windows Remote Assistance (MSRA)

Twitter user @tfwboredom discovered that the Microsoft Remove Assistance tool was updated with this build as well. It gained a new icon and a small redesign.

That’s it for now. If we find more changes, we’ll likely update this post.

Special thanks to @tfwboredom and @gus33000.

Group Policy changes in Windows 10 Build 14931

In Build 14931, which was recently released to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring, Microsoft silently introduced a new Group Policy to the Computer Configuration category. It was previously only available in the User Configuration, which means it can now easily be configured for all users.

The new policy is called Remove access to all Windows Update features and is located under Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update.


When enabled, this policy prevents users from manually searching for updates.

Blocked WU 14931

Unmentioned changes in Windows 10 Build 14915

Earlier today, Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14915 got released to Insiders in the Fast ring.
Besides from the Delivery Optimization feature and few bugfixes, the changelog doesn’t really mention anything new. There are some quite nice under-the-hood changes in this build again, which we will try to explain here. Continue Reading

Thoughts about the current state of the Insider Program

Microsoft has changed. A lot. Under Satya Nadella, the company has become slimmer, more customer oriented shed many of the old monolithic ways.

The Insider Program was born in an attempt to do everything right after the Windows 8 debacle.

Unfortunately, the Insider Program has some frustrating problems in its current form.


The number one Problem is Bad Feedback.

We have to face reality: Too many cooks spoil the broth. Any time a new build is released, the entire Trending section of the Insider Hub is filled with duplicates of the same bug.

Take a look:

Continue Reading

Feedback of the Week [Week 34]

Hey everyone. I am the newest Editor of Inside Windows.

This is going to be a new category called “Feedback of the Week” where me and Chris highlight valuable Feedback that would otherwise be buried under tons of “My power button doesn’t work” Comments.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in the Comments. Continue Reading