This is the new File Explorer app in Windows 10

by evil_pro1 year ago

Remember the File Explorer we previously mentioned?

Shortly after we posted that article, a Twitter user found a way to launch the app.

In this article we’re going to show you some of its current features. Please keep in mind that this is an early version of the Universal File Explorer which is really similar to the one that can currently be found on Windows 10 Mobile devices.

If you don’t want to read through all of this, we’ve uploaded a video to show as much of the app as possible.

When you launch the app, you’ll see Quick Access, where you’re presented with your recently accessed folders and files.

File Explorer Quick Access

The sidebar can be expanded by clicking the Hamburger button. When expanded, it shows labels of the items in the sidebar.

File Explorer with expanded Sidebar

Notable about this is that the icon for This Device is a phone, which indicates that this is a direct x86 recompilation of the File Explorer app that we already saw in Windows 10 Mobile. It’s pretty likely that this will change in the future. The icon for the DVD Drive is an SD Card.

There are two options to display items. You can either display them as List or as Icons.

File Explorer List view

File Explorer Icon view

In the bottom row you can see buttons to do various actions, like going into selection view, creating a new folder, details and search.

You can view the properties of an element by either right clicking it and choosing Properties or pressing the .. button and selecting Properties from there.

File Explorer Properties

When creating a new folder, it asks you to enter a name for the folder before actually creating it.

File Explorer New Folder creation

Right now, you can’t run any executable files using the Universal File Explorer. It will show an error instead.

File Explorer Script launch error


  • DarkTheme

    Dark theme is fantastic.

    • evil_pro

      I agree.

      • DarkTheme

        Do you know if the app has Live Tile?

      • evil_pro

        It doesn’t appear to have one as of right now.

  • Ethan J. Alvarée

    Nice demo.

    Makes you wonder how OneDrive will be integrated. If UWP file explorer showed your cloud files from OneDrive, then what would be the point of bringing back placeholders?

    • evil_pro

      Placeholders will probably come back anyways because this app most likely wont replace the classic File Explorer anytime soon.

    • gavingreenwalt

      Because legacy win32 apps won’t use this file explorer. And many like 3ds Max, Nuke or Photoshop have written their own Win32 file browsers customized to their application’s needs. OneDrive still needs to work with those applications.

  • Ethan J. Alvarée

    Another random thought: this would be neat with some of Edge’s features, like tabs along the title bar (many people have been asking for a tabbed file explorer) and support for 3rd party extensions (such as Dropbox Infinite, etc.)

  • John Schroedl

    Thanks for the write up. I’m curious about a couple of things:
    * Can you drag a file and drop onto a desktop app?
    * Will it show shell extension/virtual folders properly?

  • ali

    No update for me !!

    • Callum Moffat

      It’s not available to the public yet.

  • lindexi

    How to call it to select file?