Win+X Menu changes in Windows 10 Build 14942

by evil_pro1 year ago

With 14942, which was recently released to the Fast Ring, Microsoft appears to be preparing the removal of the classic Control Panel from Windows 10. Updates to the Win+X Menu indicate that.

14942 Win + X Menu

In case you didn’t know already, when you press the Windows Key and X on your keyboard, a menu with shortcuts to various useful settings pops up.

In Build 14942, Microsoft silently updated some of the shortcuts to open the corresponding pages of the Settings app instead of the classic Control Panel items. It seems like this is another preparation for the full removal of the Control Panel.


The updated items are:

Programs and Features, Power Options, System and Network Connections.

They also replaced the Control Panel item with Settings.

It’s also noteworthy that you can only see this change when you clean install this Build. In case you upgraded, clicking on any of the items I mentioned above will still open the classic applets.

If you’re looking for a different way to get to the Control Panel, you can press Windows Key + R and then simply type control.exe and hit Enter.



We’ve embedded a video showcasing the changes below.

  • DarkTheme

    Very good. I hope Microsoft move everything to the settings app, because it is very bad to have to use two different apps to do things. In addition, the Control Panel is bad on small screens and touch screens.

    • evil_pro

      While I agree with that, and also think that the Settings app looks a lot better than the classic Control Panel, it will be a pain (or at least, annoying) for people who are used to the old system that’s been around for decades to relearn where each item is.

      • Callum Moffat

        Indeed. The main reason people don’t like the Settings app, I think, is that they’re used to the Control Panel. Most of the people I know who dislike Windows 10, dislike it because it is different to what they used previously. While the removal of Control Panel is a desirable goal, it will be a very jarring change for many.

      • DarkTheme

        I don’t think will be difficult for people to intenderem where each item is because they can use the search bar.

        I’m not developer, but I’m pretty sure removing the Control Panel could also help decrease bugs because will decrease amount of system code lines.

      • Jean Michel

        “The main reason people don’t like the Settings app, I think, is that they’re used to the Control Panel. ”

        No. The main reason is that Settings does not offer everything that was available in Control Panel and I bet you any money that not everything will be ported and we’ll have to resort to registry editing.

        I’ll be really surprised if, for instance, advanced power profile settings are ported as well.

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