How to debloat Windows 10

by ReztaNZ3 years ago

So, you are using Windows 10. But it bothers you that a lot of services, modern apps and telemetry (data collecting) is happening on your system.

Recently I tested out a few helpful PowerShell scripts that do a great job at debloating the system.

These are created and provided by GitHub user ““.

Instructions of use are as follows:

  • Open PowerShell as an Administator
  • Type the command (without quotes): “Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted” and press enter
  • Use the CD command to change directory to where you extracted the files into
  • CD into the scripts folder and use PowerShell to execute the scripts in this format:
  • “.\block-telemetry.ps1” and when it asks for permission to run the script, type ‘A’ and hit enter.

These scripts offer the ability to:

Disable telemetry, disable unnecessary services, disable Windows Defender, change a few Reg settings, remove pre-installed Modern apps, disable self installing apps, disable OneDrive and Windows Update tweaks.

From testing, I have found a great performance increase, approximately 30-40% faster.

If this sounds like you, the download link is below.


Happy Tweaking!