Feedback of the Week [Week 34]

by Michael Young3 years ago

Hey everyone. I am the newest Editor of Inside Windows.

This is going to be a new category called “Feedback of the Week” where me and Chris highlight valuable Feedback that would otherwise be buried under tons of “My power button doesn’t work” Comments.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in the Comments.


So, let’s get started.

1. Give us more options in context Menu in Microsoft Edge

Right click should have the following options:
–  Search highlighted text by google/bing in a NEW TAB
–  Reload, forward, and back
–  “New tab” should be a option when you right click a tab so you don’t have to go all the way to the end of tabs you have open
–  Search an image by google/bing in a NEW TAB
–  And the context menu should be the same size as the one on the taskbar


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=347&feedbackid=3da9bcd8-a4b2-4225-a1e1-7f42054524d4&form=1&src=2

 2. Give us the ability to delete old Feedback

“Please give us the ability to delete our own old feedback that has become outdated/irrelevant.”


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=240&feedbackid=ec358b5d-118e-4d89-b2e2-ddeb440bf1d0&form=1&src=2

3. Add icons to the Win +  X menu



Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=213&feedbackid=f234c137-7121-4ce8-9148-8af5a14a5edd&form=1&src=2

4. Extensions should work in InPrivate mode in Microsoft Edge


Editors Note: This should be handled similarly to how Chrome does it: Allow users to enable specific Extensions like Adblock for InPrivate Mode.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=560&feedbackid=ed22d328-2787-43a5-9c23-756e3c536287&form=1&src=2

5. Allow Drag and Drop from Cortana Search results

“When someone searches for a program, they should have the option to drag and drop the results of that search onto the taskbar, the start menu, and the desktop. Currently, the only option is to right click the result and perform the task that way.”


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=704&feedbackid=777a13aa-6a89-403a-963b-eb524cbb3d7d&form=1&src=2

6. Allow different Wallpapers and Icon layouts for different Virtual Desktops

“I’d like to be able to have different wallpapers and icon layouts on the different multiple desktops.  I would use one for programming, one for photo editing, etc.  I think the would be very useful.”


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=216&feedbackid=13d6c2b9-965a-4d50-93b0-755d4d4bc3ec&form=1&src=2

7. Integrate Volume Mixer into the Volume Control flyout.

“The Volume Mixer should be accessible from the Volume Control pop-out […]”


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=694&feedbackid=506ef94b-f309-4e30-9935-67290a724344&form=1&src=2

8. We should be able to control UWP Apps via Volume Mixer as well.

“In the volume mixer, UWP apps don’t show up, and sometimes there isn’t a volume slider in the App itself either […].”


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=694&feedbackid=290c4c26-bc5e-4b03-8289-e9076448ecaa&form=1&src=2

9. Give App Developers the ability to create “hubs” on taskbar, similarly to Cortana.

“It would be cool if each app could have a “hub” like Cortana has on the taskbar. The user would have the option to add that app’s hub and then they could use whatever the developer implements into it. Below is an example of what I’m thinking of.”


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=215&feedbackid=57f110bb-5b03-4a27-83c9-e064ef961d3d&form=1&src=2

10. Rename “Settings” in the taskbar context menu to “Taskbar Settings”

“ […] when you click on the context menu item Settings on the taskbar you go to the taskbar settings (as it should be) but the name feels like a shortcut for going to the main view of Settings app, […]. ”


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=215&feedbackid=bf7187a3-90b1-4e0a-bd0b-5ad44dce49ed&form=1&src=2

11. Add Jumplists to UWP Apps

“Universal Windows Apps don’t have jump lists. Thus Chrome gives more right-click options than Edge. That’s not right.”


Editors Note: One of the many useful ways this could be used is a history, or executing commonly used actions.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=215&feedbackid=470359a1-087b-4516-9160-df32ede39fec&form=1&src=2

12. Allow us to create Taskbar Groups

“There should be an option for the user to create groups on the taskbar. This capability is executed quite nicely by a third party application called Bins. However, I […] would much prefer a native OS solution.”


Editors Note: This could work quite nicely in conjunction with the Startmenu groups.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=215&feedbackid=c543429e-9605-4f0e-a181-f1718948448f&form=1&src=2

13. Allow us to have Windows Button etc. on the bottom on the vertical task bar.

“Allow me to invert the order of the task bar when it is docked vertically; I want the clock at the top, the Start button at the bottom etc.”


Editors Note: This is especially useful when using a tablet, since this allows to click it with the Thumbs.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=215&feedbackid=64e6ef19-b17b-4cfa-aa0b-3c6756240817&form=1&src=2

14. Make the WiFI Icon in the taskbar reflect Signal Strength.

“The WiFi icon in the taskbar does not show the signal status of the connection, whether it is only 1, 2, 3 or 4 bars. This will help us know the status of our connection, especially when connected to fluctuating WiFi signals.”


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=215&feedbackid=9126e5e5-c3ff-4c96-aa8b-8d8608647a46&form=1&src=2

15. Add a clip board manager to the taskbar.


Editors Note: This Feature is long overdue. It makes work much easier.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=63&feedbackid=767a3abb-ac1f-4c7f-b4c4-65143a535e9d&form=1&src=2


I’ve taken the liberty to edit both title and/or explanations if too long or too complicated. Truncations are marked with […].
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