Unmentioned changes in Windows 10 Build 14915

by evil_pro3 years ago

Earlier today, Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14915 got released to Insiders in the Fast ring.
Besides from the Delivery Optimization feature and few bugfixes, the changelog doesn’t really mention anything new. There are some quite nice under-the-hood changes in this build again, which we will try to explain here.

Windows Holographic First Run

In this build, the Holographic First Run app got updated again. This app first popped up in Build 14901 and did almost nothing back then. With this build, the app got updated to check for requirements and also tries to install a Feature on Demand package, which appears to be unavailable. We’ve embedded a video of it below.

Microsoft Edge

Once again, Microsoft has updated the about:flags page with new options!
This time, the Experimental Features page got updated. It now includes a section called Text Input and Editing with three options.

Edge Flags in 14915

People Bar

You’re reading right. The People Bar got another update in this build. While it still can’t be enabled, we can at least see how the development of that feature is progressing. After the first set of files got added with 14901, three more files got added this time. In C:\Windows\ShellExperiences, you can now find PeopleBarContainer.dll, PeopleCommonControls.dll and PeoplePane.dll. The folder contains various system files for flyouts (Network, Volume, Time, Battery…) but also for essential UI elements like the Action Center, Jump Lists, Start and many others. Also included is the People Experience host. It’s located in C:\Windows\SystemApps and appears to be running already.

Gallery : Windows People Experience Host

Blue Light Reduction

Earlier today, Lucas from MSPoweruser reported that Microsoft is working on a new feature that allows you to reduce the amount of blue light. That’s similar to what a third party tool called f.lux and the Night Modes in iOS and Android are doing. For more detailed information on this feature, click here to go to MSPoweruser.

Window Picker

A new System App included in this build is WindowPicker. It does nothing yet, except crashing when you press any of the buttons.

Gallery : WindowPicker App

A new Lockscreen?!

Another System App in this build is the WelcomeScreen app. It has a special capability referenced in its manifest called ‘lockScreenCreatives’. It appears to be a very early version of a new Lockscreen that could be coming in the next production release of Windows 10. Right now, this app does nothing. It just shows a black page.

Gallery : Welcome Screen App

A new dll file referencing the WelcomeScreen has appeared in System32 called Windows.Internal.UI.WelcomeScreen.dll.
Earlier today, WalkingCat posted a list of API changes from 14905 to 14915 on Pastebin. It mentions a new LockScreenComponent. It hints that developers might get to use an API to develop extensions to the Lockscreen in the future.

Device Portal (Mobile)

With this build, the Device Portal on Windows 10 Mobile finally got an update. Here’s what its new UI looks like.

Gallery : Device Portal

Thanks to jakov ferko for mentioning this change and Gustave M for the picture.

That’s it for now. Feel free to tip us on new changes we might have missed in the comments section below. We’ll add them if we find anything else.
Huge thanks to Core, Gustave M and WalkingCat!