Feedback of the Week [Week 35]

by Michael Young3 years ago

Hey everyone.

This is the second “Feedback of the Week” where me and Chris highlight valuable Feedback that would otherwise be buried under tons of “My power button doesn’t work” Comments.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in the Comments.

So, let’s get going:

1. Give users the option to make Screenshots public.


Sometimes a screenshot is necessary to explain a problem. You should have the option to make it public so other Insiders can see what you are talking about.

Bad Feedback5


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=531&feedbackid=abd9f7ca-c67c-4d7c-9d30-f8a5d077dbb7&form=1&src=2

2. Give Users the option to add certificate to trusted right from Installer.


Editors Note: I mean, I get it. Security is important to you. But users expect to be able to install an app without having to jump through hoops. And if you enable development mode you’ll probably add the certificate anyways.

Here is a suggestion on how this might look. You can of course add a UAC prompt to this.



Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=379&feedbackid=68b2486f-bdd7-4782-800b-b54527d874e1&form=1&src=2

3. Make Cortana search bar slide out when opening start menu


Have Cortana in icon mode by default. When opening Start menu, make the Cortana search box extend from the start icon. This saves space for apps and gives the user clues that he can search by typing here (just like in Windows 7) […]


Editors Note: Thus getting rid of this waste of taskbar space that normal users don’t know how to disable.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=163&feedbackid=0a1f7cfe-16a0-407f-8973-1c05811652dd&form=1&src=2

4. Add an “Always on top”- and Transparency Button to PowerShell, CMD and bash.


Every window/app in Windows 10 (especially command prompts/shells like PowerShell, CMD.EXE and Bash) should have a new button next to the minimize, maximize and close Windows buttons to quickly (1) lock a windows on top of all […] (2) toggle a transparency mode on and off. This is especially useful to professional developers. […] 


Editors Note: This is a mockup on how this might look. This could be enabled in settings.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=216&feedbackid=7b524c83-d901-4afa-8fbb-3e85635f7a06&form=1&src=2

5. Add Tabs to File explorer


Editors Note: This would actually make sense in many areas like Photos App, Console etc.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=395&feedbackid=32a61615-7556-407e-a7e3-bab75b81f602&form=1&src=2

6. Allow coexistence of Hyper-V and VM’s (e.g. VirtualBox)


“At present the only solution to work with either Hyper-V or VirtualBox on the same host is to manually change a BCDedit setting in command prompt (to enable/disable Hyper-V) and reboot every time. That is unfriendly and it requires an incredible waste of time.“


Editors Note: The technical reason for the current state is known. It should however be possible to implement a “compatibility mode” in which Hyper-V allows other VM’S to use VT-x.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=684&feedbackid=7e20ca8a-5abd-4260-b388-5b9d0fbeb437&form=1&src=2

7. Create a useless Feedback Badge…


“…for peoples profiles. And a downvote button for their feedback about known issues.“


Editors Note: Two Links for this, since it is so important.


Image result


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=529&feedbackid=c6e43327-2299-4956-ab84-dc8167f70ba9&form=1&src=2

or here: feedback-hub:?contextid=141&feedbackid=9a3b44f3-b508-4372-ac20-f488145d73ba&form=1&src=2

8. Allow muting tabs in Edge.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=351&feedbackid=b7d637f2-1a32-4827-acd0-b50dc23f538a&form=1&src=2

9. Bring back multi-selection of tiles


“Bring back multi-selection of tiles so we can move, unpin, edit size, uninstall multiple tiles at once like in Windows 8.1.“


Editors Note: This would make handling the XAML Start menu way less cumbersome.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=49&feedbackid=4b593668-3bd9-45c9-b9b2-5982cc39e674&form=1&src=2

10. Make the shortcuts on the left ribbon(Hamburger menu) slide up if taskbar is on top.


“This reduces the mouse movements and actually looks exactly like the Feedback hub and other MS Apps. Look on the right side of the app you are using right now.“


Editors Note: Made a mock-up to elaborate.



Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=704&feedbackid=9a45bde2-bae4-4095-981a-6f52baff1e68&form=1&src=2

11. Make Taskbar on left or right side thinner


“I made a mockup on how a thinner Taskbar would look. It can be made much more smaller without compromising functionality and looks way better. Please forward this to your developers. […]“


Editors Note: And the worst part is, you cannot even add a second row of icons by pulling it bigger.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=215&feedbackid=f9e49ddf-6563-4650-abc9-6cac261aeecf&form=1&src=2

12. Pin multiple apps to Start at once doesn’t work.


“Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. Select more than one app on desktop
2. Right-click on one of them
3. Click “Pin to Start”

Expected Behavior: All selected Apps get pinned to Start

Actual Behavior: Only the app that was clicked on gets pinned to start.“


Editors Note: This is annoying as hell, especially when setting up the start screen after upgrading from Windows 7 or 8.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=49&feedbackid=5ab9cb7a-ebd6-4e1e-a06a-eba6c989b95a&form=1&src=2

13. Show file name extension by default.


“It should be good for novice users too, since hiding extensions can lead to malware exposure.“


Editors Note: Or you could add an easily recognizable Icon that marks a file as executable.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=395&feedbackid=470e6aa4-32e1-47a1-a8cb-1490c0a1cb62&form=1&src=2

14. Context menu should scroll in touch mode


“The context / right-click menu should be finger scrollable in touch mode. Currently, there are very small up/down arrow targets at the top and bottom. They’re very hard to hit, and you have to hit them multiple times to actually scroll down a bit. It’s very frustrating. […].“


Editors Note: C’mon, show some love for your tablet users. 😀


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=395&feedbackid=fcdcb140-d175-4de7-af9d-b798e3221a1d&form=1&src=2

15. Add RAR and 7z support.


“The Windows 10 file explorer should support viewing, creating, as well as extracting RAR and 7z archive files.“


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=395&feedbackid=22af5396-662b-46d0-a641-53133ce3c72c&form=1&src=2

16. Windows explorer as file share target


“Currently, it’s kind of a pain to save a file from a UWP app like photos to a folder of my choice. It would be great if there was a “file system” choice in the UWP share menu that would open a normal Save As dialog so this would be possible“


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=56&feedbackid=273e11ab-7c2a-481e-8d11-7a6471419931&form=1&src=2

I’ve taken the liberty to edit both title and/or explanations if too long or too complicated. Truncations are marked with […].

Special thanks to Bavo Luysterborg and his “”-Link Generator.

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