Unmentioned changes in Windows 10 Build 14936

by evil_pro3 years ago

Like in the past, not every change has made it into the official changelog for this build for whatever reason. Let’s dig right into them.

WiFi Calling

The well known leaker WalkingCat, also known as h0x0d found an interesting new feature that’s currently in development.
In the Settings app under the Network & Internet category you’ll find a new option called WiFi Calling.


Right now, trying to view the WiFi Calling page results in a crash of the Settings app, which could indicate that this feature is still in early development.

We’ve found two more assets related to this feature in the System32 folder. There are two new icons which are already being used in Windows Mobile.

New WiFi Calling icons in 14936

Windows Holographic First Run

The Holographic First Run app got a small update in this build. A new check if your graphics card supports DirectX 12 was added as you can see in the screenshot below.


UWP File Explorer

Alright, calm down. There’s good and bad news regarding this. The good news is that the files of the File Explorer app are present. The bad news is that we were not yet able to get the app to launch.

14936 File Explorer folder

Windows Payments API

There’s a new dll file that’s is called Windows.Payments.dll which can be found in the System32 folder. We’re currently assuming that this is somehow related to a Payment API that Microsoft might be working on.

WelcomeScreen App

With build 14915, Microsoft quietly added an app called WelcomeScreen to the system. This app was removed in this build.

Once again, special thanks to @tfwboredom.

That’s it for now. If you find any other changes in this build, feel free to post a comment. If anything interesting is found, we’re going to update this post.
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