Feedback of the Week [Week 41]

by Michael Young3 years ago

Hey everyone.

This is the third “Feedback of the Week” where me and Chris highlight valuable Feedback.

It’s been a while since the last FotW. This was mainly because I was having a hard time finding valuable, underrated Feedback.

You might notice that a lot of the issues mentioned this week are kind of small annoyances, but these small things are what makes a system feel comfortable.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in the Comments.


So, let’s get going:

1. Let us adjust the transparency of the Start menu


“it is fixed how much start, taskbar and action center is transparent. I think I would be nice to have an option to adjust transparency like in windows 7. for example I would like to have more transparent start, taskbar and action center than it is by default without messing with the registers.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=472&feedbackid=75280696-9472-4449-afd0-523d96294882&form=1&src=2

2. Auto refresh Windows Explorer.


“Often file explorer does not update the contents of an open folder if another application adds or deletes files in it.  Please have it auto refresh, or add a pull-to-refresh feature […]


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=395&feedbackid=8b0c7f87-b06c-409c-90d7-705254243a6f&form=1&src=2

3. Allow us to set default size for items pinned to Start menu


“I find that I resize almost every shortcut I pin to the start menu from medium to small. […] It would be nice if I could set it to default to the small sized icons […]


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=49&feedbackid=1db61131-3008-4b58-938f-657ecc29519e&form=1&src=2

4. Enable Drag & Drop in Groove


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=293&feedbackid=99feb306-962e-44cc-bc2b-39723bd8fcbf&form=1&src=2

5. Don’t resize the shared screen video when I move my mouse over the window in Skype


“If someone is sharing their screen with you and you move your mouse over the Skype window, the UI changes and the shared screen shrinks, which is visually disruptive.“


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=596&feedbackid=fa4e1f78-311a-4c65-8854-5ca85df21820&form=1&src=2

6. Ability to individually assign an application to a given soundcard.


“For example, I could want to assign background music (groove) to the sound card plugged to the house sound system while keeping the application I’m using on the sound card link to speakers in front of me.“


Editors Note: This would also be much appreciated for gaming, as some might have an equalizer for their music, but don’t want their Skype audio to go through that.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=68&feedbackid=abc63876-6988-46fe-bb13-52512c00f405&form=1&src=2

7. Give the option up front to overwrite/skip duplicates when copying files.

“When I am copying large amounts of files, I would like Explorer to prompt me to say “if there are conflicts, how do you want to handle them” in front of the copy instead of waiting to hit a conflict to prompt. I’ve gone to copy a large amount of files, walked away, and come back only to find the process stalled due to a conflict prompt.[…]“


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=395&feedbackid=b6bc2974-8f5a-49e2-82cd-eea85318743c&form=1&src=2

8. Split screen in portrait mode


“Just simply rotate the left-and-right split screen in landscape mode into up-and-down in portrait mode. […]“


Editors Note: This would also unify behavior between Windows Mobile and Desktop(, if and when Mobile receives Split screen).


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=48&feedbackid=6f19403a-a1aa-4cc2-ab99-626c753a3909&form=1&src=2

9. No daylight savings notification anymore


“Windows used to inform you of upcoming daylight saving time changes in date/.time, but this seems to have disappeared in Windows 10. “


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=63&feedbackid=0a28db21-939a-4e20-9ede-b4a0868d99e4&form=1&src=2

10. Show Battery percentage in system tray


“Please provide the option to show the battery percentage next to the icon. This would be especially useful in mobile also.“


Editors Note: Another thing that would also be awesome on Windows 10 Mobile.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=63&feedbackid=e5e4ff94-c9b2-4cae-8e16-0c3babec092d&form=1&src=2

11. Better transition when swiping down to close in tablet mode


“Right now when you swipe down to close an app in tablet mode, the app stays the exact same size until you get really close to the bottom, then it just jumps to a smaller size. There should be a gradual transition to better indicate to unfamiliar users what this gesture does, and to make tablet mode look better and act more natural“


Editors Note: This is part of a larger problem. People don’t know how to use Windows, because all of the new paradigms are not explained anywhere.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=340&feedbackid=da5e3c6a-011b-425e-a334-2b3efeb908cc&form=1&src=2

12. Allow us to rearrange the taskbar previews.


“When hovering over the taskbar item of processes that have been minimized, the user is shown a preview of those in the order they were ran. The issue with this is the user cannot rearrange them in an order meaningful to them. […]“


Editors Note: x  This, and a lot of other customizations are already provided by a third-party application, 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. They should be standard though.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=215&feedbackid=efed3ffb-e96c-4cf1-ad8d-e837998163a1&form=1&src=2

13. Allow us to change the systray icon order


“I still prefer the clock in the far right corner. It’s fine to set it there as default, but please give us the option to re-locate, or choose priority for the information displayed.“


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=215&feedbackid=218baabc-df7e-40e6-ae58-fecaf7ee6161&form=1&src=2

14. Windows should never restart without express permission from user.


“[…] I’ve lost data on numerous occasions because of this ridiculous design, and it’s really pushing me away from using my laptop for anything sensitive.“


Editors Note: Yeah, this is like on of the most ridiculous things ever. Totally unacceptable.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=67&feedbackid=2b06faab-1184-4980-b12b-7390057de36a&form=1&src=2

15. Show the version number for apps & games on their pages in Store app.


“Version numbers for apps & games are not show on their pages in the store app while they are on the store’s website! […].“


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=334&feedbackid=3d73bcc4-a896-4148-8b8c-0d4cac8bb797&form=1&src=2

I’ve taken the liberty to edit both title and/or explanations if too long or too complicated. Truncations are marked with […].

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