Unmentioned changes in Windows 10 Build 14942

by evil_pro3 years ago

Here we go again. This build had a lot of nice new features, like the toggle to disable the All Apps list in Start or the improvements to the Registry Editor. However, there are some more changes. Let’s dig into them.

Windows Holographic Shell

Remember when it was announced that Windows Holographic would be coming to devices of all shapes and sizes? It’s happening.
This Build is the first public release to include the files of the Windows Holographic Shell (HoloShell).

14942 HoloShell

Microsoft Edge

With this Build Microsoft Edge picked up a few new flags and also lost some.

In the Mouse events for touch category, a new one called Disable navigator.pointerEnabled API was added.

14942 Edge mouse events for touch

In the JavaScript category, the flags called Only execute timers once per second in nonvisible tabs to improve battery life and Use legacy setInterval behaviour were removed.

In the WebRTC category, the flag called Enable experimental H.264/AVC support was removed.

The Fetch Networking category gained two new flags called Enable CSS Downloads over Fetch and Enable Media Downloads over Fetch.

A whole new category called Web Authentication was added which currently has one flag called Enable Web Authentication APIs for accessing scoped credentials.

14942 Edge Fetch Networking and Web Authentication

System Apps

There are some changes to the System Apps.

  • Windows Holographic First Run was removed
  • DesktopView was added
  • File Picker was added
  • Holograms was added
  • HolographicViewer was added

Below you can find a gallery of the new apps.

Gallery : New System Apps


When copying certian files from your PC to an MTP device, it used to ask you if you want to convert it. This prompt is gone as of this Build.


Remember the old Briefcase feature that was introduced with Windows 95? It basically was a special type of folder that allowed users to sync files between itself and another folder.

This feature was hidden but not removed as of Windows 8 and could be re-enabled with a few registry tweaks.

It’s now fully gone from Windows 10.

Final Note

That’s it for this Build. If you find anything, let us know in the comments!