Feedback of the Week [Week 42]

by Michael Young3 years ago

Hey everyone.

This is the fourth “Feedback of the Week” where me and Chris highlight valuable Feedback.

This time, we have a lot of Feedback.

If you’d like to see any of the things shown here, please follow the links to the Feedback Hub and Vote for them!


So, let’s get going:

1. Bring back the quick settings sliders in Action Center


Editors Note: This was one of the few good things about the Charms bar. We’d like to see that return in the action center.


Links to Feedback Hub:

1) Brightness slider: feedback-hub:?contextid=109&feedbackid=367bebee-a7c6-445d-b303-727d7e760f7b&form=1&src=2
2) Volume Slider: feedback-hub:?contextid=339&feedbackid=bd9b4239-617a-4689-9616-03aa5c52d283&form=1&src=2

2. SSDs and HDDs should have different icons in File explorer


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=58&feedbackid=374a466a-8b3f-4e6e-b2d6-f52ff0001f51&form=1&src=2

3. Allow selecting what the left edge swiping does: Task view or previous app (Alt+tab). 


“Allow selecting what the left edge swiping does: Task view or previous app. When not set to task view, add a toggle to swipe in and back to show task view.“


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=162&feedbackid=9d4db0b5-9d5c-4576-92ab-625bc0586ef8&form=1&src=2

4. Add a Windows RT-like mode


“I would like to be able to set up a system for my someone like my grandparents or an extremely novice user that is in UWP only mode. I would feel safer giving them a locked down machine that they couldn’t install .exe apps or anything from outside of the Store. This would give the promise of the safety of WinRT, the flexibility of still being an x86 machine,  and still have the familiarity of the traditional Windows Desktop. […]“


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=58&feedbackid=c2faa527-4e00-4c53-93a4-955e48b03b98&form=1&src=2

5. Let us uninstall multiple legacy programs at once.


Editors Note: When trying to uninstall a lot of legacy desktop apps via the control panel, it forces you to wait for the current uninstallation to finish. This is not only unnecessary, it also takes forever to notice that an uninstall has finished.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=58&feedbackid=3d7232cf-b8d6-4f2b-b756-dbbf47860bfe&form=1&src=2

6. Windows Mobile’s Continuum should also run as a virtual desktop on PCs


“Virtual, remote & VM desktops should all run from Task View“


Editors Note: Integrating Hyper-V, Remote Desktop and Continuum should be a logical step.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=216&feedbackid=45fe499a-958c-40df-8986-4cf2258c70ca&form=1&src=2

7. Simple Task manager Embedded in CTRL+ALT+DEL


“I at times find myself having to sign out through the emergency screen (the ctrl+alt+del overlay) because a game fails while in fullscreen and becomes unresponsive with the game covering all other windows/programs including the task manger resulting in me unable to kill the app from task manager. […]“


Editors Note: We’ve all been there… MS, please do something about this.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=122&feedbackid=c80c72ed-da8d-458f-905c-8907ad9ddfe9&form=1&src=2

8. Add GPU Performance to the Taskmanager


“It’ll be really useful to have this kind of app even on mobile. And please add GPU usage to it.“


Editors Note: Should be quite easy, given that device portal already reports this information.


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=122&feedbackid=2ee4ad7e-1463-4653-a052-0707e3155a39&form=1&src=2

9. Allow us to group apps on the taskbar


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=215&feedbackid=d139d674-20bd-4503-a3d9-0f66d4d38d12&form=1&src=2

10. Show data rates when hovering your mouse over the network icon in the Task Bar


“Right now, it only shows the network’s name and whether internet connection is available. I think that it would be great if you could also see the download/upload data rates.“


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=215&feedbackid=c32926ec-f5dd-4bb5-bbec-9af828cae4da&form=1&src=2

11. Clock line word wrap


“It would be nice when using a very wide taskbar if the clock rendered on one line, like 00:33 Wednesday 05/10/2016 Rather than being split over 3 lines.“


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=215&feedbackid=05cfc543-b4ee-421d-ac12-b3bbbb6b6fae&form=1&src=2

12. Allow us to modify the Taskbar to behave differently


“Give us the option to float the taskbar like a dock, center the icons, adjust the size of the taskbar, the look. Reinvent it.“


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=215&feedbackid=7ed951a7-863d-43ef-b6c1-c1d0f0f4b540&form=1&src=2

13. Let us cycle through the virtual desktops with the Win+Ctrl+Arrow shortcut


“So when I have two virtual desktops I have to remember which desktop I’m using to choose right arrow. Otherwise nothing happens.“


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=216&feedbackid=0afe2619-c598-48b4-b5bb-e16a37b7b7cd&form=1&src=2

14. Make the hamburger menus in UWP apps transparent


“Make all the hamburger menus in apps transparent with the same fogged glass effect of the start menu! I think it would be a great addition as well as a nice visual differentiator from other OS (especially for mobile)“


Editors Note: This effect looks so cool. MS should really play with transparency more…


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=375&feedbackid=2265adc4-55aa-4d31-8f73-ad3de348ef9f&form=1&src=2

15. Provide a visual clue as to which desktop we are on when switching.


“We should have the virtual desktop name shown as a overlay for a couple seconds when we switch between desktops similar to the identify display number overlay.“


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=216&feedbackid=f025a086-9ecd-462b-b234-eddaf4ccc9f8&form=1&src=2

16. Give visual feedback when coping items to the clipboard.


“When items are copied to the clipboard, the is no indication that the process occurred. The screen should flash or the word “COPIED” should flash momentarily to indicate some action has occurred.“


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=658&feedbackid=7c91cde0-b036-433c-98be-c1f7b07b3851&form=1&src=2

17. Add transition when switching from Cortana to Start.


“When Start meni is open, and we open Cortana, the Start morphs into the Cortana panel, but when we switch from Cortana to Start the panel closes and reopens Start. Please add morphing transition from Cortana to Start.“


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=203&feedbackid=5d76667a-6a70-4255-bfab-0a2ddefea12f&form=1&src=2

18. Make action center a pop up like in earlier preview versions


“On big monitors, a pop up would be more than sufficient.“


Link to Feedback Hub: feedback-hub:?contextid=338&feedbackid=267fc119-c77c-4194-ac3e-05ae5e0c1939&form=1&src=2

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