Unmentioned changes in Windows 10 Build 14965

by evil_pro3 years ago

After a few builds without any interesting (unmentioned) changes at all, 14965, which recently got released to fast ring Windows Insiders, is packed with quite a lot of new things.

Let’s get into it.

Windows Holographic Shell

The Windows Holographic Shell (HoloShell) got updated in this build. Lots of new files and folders were added in the C:\Windows\HoloShell directory.


Back in October, WalkingCat said that Hydrogen might be the codename for the next generation of the Holographics Compositor.

In this build, quite a lot of Hydrogen related files and directories have appeared and they all seem to be related to Windows Holographic.

Important ones appear to be:


People Bar

A new file which is likely related to the upcoming People Bar feature was added. It’s called PeopleBarFlyout.dll and is located in C:\Windows\ShellExperiences.


We’ve spotted a new item in the Settings app. In the Devices category, the subcategory Pen & Windows Ink was added with one single option to control Windows Ink related app suggestions.

Pen and Windows Ink Settings in 14965

DataStore Cache Dump Tool

A thing that either appears to be included by accident or simply needs to be updated is DataStoreCacheDumpTool.exe

Upon execution you’re greeted with “MICROSOFT INTERNAL ONLY. DO NOT SHARE EXTERNALLY.”

DataStoreCacheDumpTool in 14965


There were also a few updates and additions to the system apps.


This is a new app which made its first public appearance in this preview build. Its folder contains files related to Hydrogen and the Havok Physics engine, so it’s most likely Windows Holographic related.

Update: @h0x0d said on Twitter that this app is possibly related to ShareWorld and also linked to a video about it. You can find it below.

Windows Holographic First Run

This app has made an appearance in earlier builds of Redstone 2 and was removed just a few builds ago. Now it’s back, but it’s previous UI disappeared.

Holographic First Run in 14965

Insider Hub

Three Holographic Assets are included in the folder of the Insider Hub. The actual app isn’t present.
In case you don’t remember, the Insider Hub was replaced by the Feedback Hub a while ago.

Insider Hub HoloAssets in 14965

Credential Dialog Host (?)

Another new app in this build is called creddialoghost. The name suggests that it will be used for credential prompts in the future. Let’s wait and see.

Cloud Experience Host Updates

The Cloud Experience Host gained a small update in this build. The most interesting new files (based on their name) appear to be:


Final words

That’s all we’ve found so far. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments.

Special thanks to @tfwboredom.