Interop Tools Release Candidate (RC-1.9-pre10) Change Log

by Gustave M.3 years ago

For now on, change logs about the app will be posted on Inside Windows with the Team permission for hopefully better change logs in the future. Download links will stay on XDA-Developers, with a link to that page. You can find a download link for the app and everything about it here. Download links for this specific version can be found here.

–Gustave M.


This new release includes some new bug fixes and improvements as usual. This release was mostly focused on polishing the experience and fixing bugs.



The session dialog


The new session selection dialog in RC-1.9-pre10

The new session selection dialog in RC-1.9-pre10

The session selection dialog got updated with session previews to help you know exactly which session you’re looking for. The session system will also be improved in a future update to work more reliably with things like search for example.

The settings page


The new fully implemented settings page in RC-1.9-pre10

The new fully implemented settings page in RC-1.9-pre10

The settings page that came two pre-releases earlier is now fully implemented, it properly saves your settings and also got the re-introduction of the authentication system, which got removed due to technical issues in some earlier RS1 preview builds, which has been fixed since a long time but forgot about it. You can freely disable this feature using the option in settings, this will require you to login to make sure you’re the correct person.
A default option for themes has also been added.

Note: If right now you cancel the authentication dialog, the option in settings won’t revert to the previous state, this is an UI glitch, and the option does get properly reverted.

The package manager


The new Application list manager in RC-1.9-pre10

The package list of the application manager got a revamped and is now properly multi threaded which means the overall performance on low end systems should be vastly improved.

The new package details in RC-1.9-pre10

The UI for the package details got a revamped as well. Still heavily work in progress and may be prone to crashes if you tap on the details. The UI might also not scale properly for the buttons, this is in the works.

The app shell


The slightly improved Shell in RC-1.9-pre10

The overall shell also got some new changes, for a start the switch session button has been moved at the bottom right corner next to about, to clean up the space a bit, this should improved the experience on smaller devices. The back button also now when enabled, takes the accent color of the app as its background. The window controls have also been improved to be transparent.

Interop Tools also got a new loading screen, which also displays the version string of the app, cosmetic sure, but it’s better than a static screen.

 Bug fixes:


  • A bug related to the title bar not working as expected when switching sessions as been fixed.
  • A bug related to the package list not loading properly has hopefully been fixed. Please report any issue, still looking into the problem.
  • Performance for the package list has been improved.
  • More bug fixes I always forget to mention.