Interop Tools Release Candidate 2 (RC-1.9-pre11) Change Log

by Gustave M.3 years ago

For now on, change logs about the app will be posted on Inside Windows with the Team permission for hopefully better change logs in the future. Download links will stay on XDA-Developers, with a link to that page. You can find a download link for the app and everything about it here. Download links for this specific version can be found here.

–Gustave M.


This new release includes some new bug fixes and improvements as usual. This release was mostly focused on polishing the experience and fixing bugs again, like for the Release Candidate 1.



A note on this particular release about Crash reporting


This release of Interop Tools contains support for Hockey App which provides automatic crash reporting to help fix issues quickly in the app. Hockey App doesn’t collect any personal data about your device and yourself apart from the OS version, device name and that’s pretty much it, the rest is only stacktrace and crash report related stuff. As I wanted to give you a new build of Interop Tools as quickly as possible, this release doesn’t contain a toggle to turn off the crash reporting mechanism. If you wish to remain private with this release, which I fully understand, you can always put your device in airplane mode so the app won’t send any crash reporting data.


Better reg file parsing


In this release, Interop Tools now properly support the Reg 5.00 file format, it properly escapes strings and also supports customs. Reg files that did not escape characters before will need to get updated in order to be fully compatible with the reg 5.00 format.

Continuum Tweak for unsupported devices


This release welcomes the addition of a tweak to force continuum on unsupported devices, this still needs the MS_DOCKING cab to be installed on the device, matching the OS build.

Notification LED


This release also includes a brand new LED page, designed to help peoples enable a notification led on their device. The app will automatically find and list available LEDs that can be used for notifications, tapping an LED will set it as the system notification LED, the slider will allow you to control the light intensity of the blinking LED. The only thing that isn’t currently implemented in this release is the period.

Fully implemented favorites


Now setting favorites in the browser will finally be useful, you can now quick jump to a location by marking an element as favorite, and then tapping on it in the favorite menu. Note: setting values as favorites might not work properly in this release.

Coming soon, x50 unlocker


I recently talked to vcfan via direct messages on XDA-Developers, and I have the permission to include the x50 unlock process in Interop Tools, in this release, the page isn’t implemented at all, it will be implemented in a newer release, this is just to let you know that it is indeed coming. Soon, as they say 🙂


And that’s pretty much it for this release, not a lot, but I wanted to still give you some improvements and widely test the crash reporting mechanism, to see what’s exactly broken in the app too. With that said, have fun and have a good day!