Windows 10 Insider Preview build 15014 ISO Media & The state of some install failures.

by ReztaNZ3 years ago

Hi folks, again!

We present build 15014 in the ISO format.

This build have some very nice fixes in it from the prior 15007 insider release. This ISO is of course 64 bit, SKU: Pro & the locale is EN-US.

Click here to download Build 15014 ISO

I’ve been seeing reports of builds post-14986 on some machines fail to install and/or even boot off installable media such as a USB or DVD. I’ve done some digging and looking at the files, it appears a system driver known as ‘storport.sys’, which is responsible for driving storage ports such as SATA, IDE, USB, etc, is faulty.

Recent code changes to this and a couple other storage related drivers seems to be causing issues with *some* computers but from my own research and experience, it seems to be occurring the most for people with HP laptops which were purchased between 2015 and now. My personal HP laptop that I use now and then is a 2016 HP 15″ with 8GB RAM and an AMD Quad-Core CPU. I am curious that perhaps a single component, that is common across these devices, might be causing these GSOD (Green Screen of Death) Driver issues.

I am currently working on a bit of a work-around so stay tuned for that, so far in testing I have managed to install 15002, 15007 & 15014 successfully without any stop errors thanks to replacing about 2 dozen files. But testing for this is still needed but should not take long!

All the best and have a good weekend, everyone!