Interop Tools Release Candidate 3 Change log

by Gustave M.3 years ago

For now on, change logs about the app will be posted on Inside Windows with the Team permission for hopefully better change logs in the future. Download links will stay on XDA-Developers, with a link to that page. You can find a download link for the app and everything about it here. Download links for this specific version can be found here.

–Gustave M.

It has been one month since the last full release, I sadly didn’t work as much as I wanted to on the app, but I managed to still add some neat features, fixing bugs, and improving the current app. Also since last time, the app adopted acrylic for some UI elements (only on RS2). Let’s get right into the change log shall we?

A note on this particular release about Crash reporting


This release of Interop Tools contains support for Hockey App which provides automatic crash reporting to help fix issues quickly in the app. Hockey App doesn’t collect any personal data about your device and yourself apart from the OS version, device name and that’s pretty much it; The rest is only stacktrace and crash report related stuff. As I wanted to give you a new build of Interop Tools as quickly as possible, this release doesn’t contain a toggle to turn off the crash reporting mechanism. If you wish to remain private with this release, which I fully understand, you can always put your device in airplane mode so the app won’t send any crash reporting data.


Improved app load time and overall speed


The app is now compiled using the latest .NET Native libraries, which means you should get a big performance improvement over the previous versions. Not only that but Interop Tools also got some fixes for some slow operations and some memory leaks bashing! The result might vary depending on your device, but overall, as they say, IT seems faster.

New error dialog when you provide an incompatible REG file



I noticed thanks to the addition of crash reporting that not many did read the small note about the known issue with a fix regarding how Interop Tools handled REG files, so now the app will display an error message if the file is incompatible instead of exiting or crashing.

Note: I’m aware, it should say REG 5.00 and not 2.0, but I wanted to give you the release as fast as possible; It will be fixed in the next pre-release.

Now IT puts you back exactly where you were before, for all pages



This was one big issue that annoyed me since the beginning, but now it has been taken care of. This should save you a ton of time while working with the app, so I hope you’ll enjoy this change as much as I did đŸ™‚

New app list UI



The app list UI got changed into a Grid UI to hold more items in less space, and use the screen size better than previously. Also, thanks to the new caching improvements, no more loading after pressing back when you’re viewing an app’s details đŸ™‚ Did I also mention that copying the values by tapping on them no longer crash the app?

Neon improvements


If you didn’t know already, Interop Tools is adopting the Neon design language, here’s how it looks at the moment (the UI is still very work in progress):

New animations in the first run experience, and partially working OOBE



The only thing that works right now is the authentication toggle, the rest is still work in progress.