An update on Interop Tools for Store and Legacy, as well as Extensions

by Gustave M.3 years ago

The store version is ongoing certification, it may go live in about 3 days starting from the day of this post.

Please see the following XDA post to download Interop Tools L and updated extensions for Interop Tools S.

So today got pushed to the store a new version of Interop Tools S (For store), the application is still in preview and mainly addresses issues with the app not running on versions of Windows such as threshold 1 and threshold 2.

But upon opening the app you may see the following new warning on those versions:

Interop Tools for the store relies exclusively on extensions to fully work, as those Windows versions didn’t support app extensions, Interop Tools can’t access your device directly.

That’s why starting today, we’re launching Interop Tools L (Legacy) which brings back this device to Interop Tools S, while keeping the new features. This is especially useful for those old versions, and if the Store version is too unstable for you at the moment.

In other news this brand new Interop Tools S version addresses performance with providers, as a result, the provider code has been changed, and older provider extensions won’t work with this version of Interop Tools. New providers extensions have been published at XDA developers, so please update them for the app to work again properly.

That’s all for today folks, I just wanted to quickly addresses those issues, and I’ll wish you a good summer, (by the way, Interop Tools isn’t dead, just a bit busy these days).

Have a nice week,

Gustave M.