The first Server Insider Preview has landed

by evil_pro3 years ago

Server Insider Preview Build 16237

After Microsoft watcher @h0x0d published two links which pointed to container images of the first Windows Server Insider Preview Build 16237, we’re happy to announce that the ISO is now available for download as well.

The URL below points you to the ISO and will work for about 24 hours.

Update 12/07/2017:

It appears that Microsoft has pulled the ISO from their servers. However, Rafael Rivera has mirrored the ISO and posted a link on his Twitter.

Note: This release of Windows Server only contains Server Core. If you were hoping for a full server release, you’re out of luck (for now).

Thanks to @rezedus for the screenshot, @rgadguard for his script which adds the ID to the dropdown on the Microsoft Software Download page and @WithinRafael for mirroring the ISO.
You can find the script below.

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