WPInternals 2.3 is now available!

by Simone Franco2 years ago

Today, well known developer Heathcliff74 released the newest version of his tool, Windows Phone Internals.

This long awaited update bumps the tool to Version 2.3, which was already announced in a teaser a month ago.


WPInternals About


This new version finally works on every WP8 or W10M Lumia!

Just like before, the tool allows you to unlock your device’s bootloader, which not only gives you the ability to boot unsigned OS’s, but also allows you to do things like entering Mass Storage Mode, so you can directly access the Device’s partitions and do things like changing your Bootlogo.

It also enables root access, which gives Developers unlimited access to the device and allows for more advanced tweaks to the OS.

Furthermore, WPI also allows opens the door to Custom ROMs with customizations, as well as giving users the ability to backup their Device and OS in order to restore it later.

You can read more on Heathcliff’s WPInternals website, where you’ll also find the download links.

Take care as always 🙂